Comments by individuals and organizations that have used Kate’s speaking services:

We were held spellbound. We shuddered, we laughed, we rejoiced in Kate’s triumphant victory.

Louise Bisogni,
Oakland Town Hall

Warm. Friendly. Your Personal delivery with humor and emotion kept our audience riveted.

Hector E. Cavazos,
MCA Diversity Coordinator,

It’s inspirational to hear from a speaker that has overcome such odds and maintains an attitude of what I can do instead of what I can’t do.” Thank you, Kate.

Doug Herford,
Principle Investigator,
Chevron Alaska

Sincere, heartwarming and inspiring! Thank you for your excellent presentation to our certified staff.

John Snavely,

Your inspirational and genuine presentation – and your explicit instruction – made our annual event a success.  It was an honor to have someone of your caliber.

Joanne L. Massaglia,
Roxanna Todd Hodges Foundation

Each year we say to ourselves “How do we top last year?” Your incredible engaging message surpassed our hopes and expectations. I have one word for you, Kate: “Amazing.”

Debbie Terech,
Business Leadership Network

You captivate and engage us with your powerful story of courage, hope, ability and empowerment. We were honored and grateful to host your visits to Wyoming.  Everyone should read your book, Kate, and hear your presentation.

Roger VanLieshout,
Synergy HRD Associates, Inc

Thank you! This was the third time I’ve heard you – but it was like the first time all over again.  You don’t have a “poor me, come join my pity party” approach. Your positive outlook is an inspiration for all who feel paralyzed by their circumstances.

Tonya Priest,
Equal Opportunity Manager / Federal Mediator

Your keynote presentation was a terrific way for us to kick off our Sixteenth Annual Symposium.  Your optimistic and humorous style carried throughout our conference.

Paul M. Deutsch. Ph.D.,

Amazing motivational and inspirational presentation. Your story brought some to tears and everyone to their feet.  Having you as a speaker was my best decision.

James Spiers,
Business Development Manager,
President NAIFA

A wonderful gift of hope. A fantastic opportunity for us. We will never forget your courageous journey.

Judith Hyslop,
Field Officer Stroke Foundation,
Otago New Zealand

Your demonstration of what is possible for those who begin their “life after stroke” encouraged many to persevere. Thank you, Kate!

Liz Martin,
Field Officer,
Stroke Foundation,
Otago, New Zealand

Again, Kate, you have outdone yourself. What a powerful riveting speaker! You bring a standing ovation every time. You truly are one of the best speakers I’ve heard.

Patty Hedrick RN, BSN, BA, CRRN, CCM, CPDM, CLCP
Nurse Consultants/Life Care Planners

Your message will be long remembered, Kate. Our hospital board members, executives and physicians were personally touched and inspired to address the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers, patients and families.

Stephen Stoddard,
MHA, FACHE, Executive Director

Thank you for sharing your courageous and inspiring story. Great audience feedback: Truly inspirational…amazing message…never give up…on individuals with disabilities in reaching their dreams.


Kate Adamson is a phenomenal speaker. She did the most remarkable and unbelievable job and exactly what I asked her to do.

Jim Addias,
National Exchange Club

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